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Cotton Candy, Carousels & Ferris Wheels

December 10, 2009

I am becoming obsessed with this new line I stumbled upon  Pink Tomatina!  It is just insanely cool and sweet at the same time!  Their designs are contemporary with nostalgic details and they have Lottie Da written all over them!        I would sooo be selling this line  if I were a trendy high-end boutique on Robertson Blvd.  (dresses retail around $80)    Here is a taste from one of their recent collections Galactic Arrival. These Coney Island pics make me long for the F train!

The Columbian brand was created by Tina Neumann and the line is designed by Tina’s daughter, Veronica who is a textile designer, and so, the clothes are in their majority, surface manipulated. The idea of their toddlers line is to create clothes for little ones that, with a drop of sense of humor, relates them in a more realistic way to their environment.  They believe that kids should have fun and develop their imaginations while wearing wonderful clothes!   Their collections are for girls sz 2-10.

This video really sums up the vibe of the brand.   It makes me so happy I think I have played it 20 times this morning! 

I am especially fond of their first collection  Azucar ( Sugar) which is much softer and prettier than the ones shown above.

The designs have such a romantic, vintage feeling.   I love the interesting mix of fabrics and the hand screened images on top of the patterns look amazing!    The artwork sparks memories of my childhood summers spent at the county fair (but more picturesque than the one in my home town)  Cotton candy, carousels, ferris wheels, roller coasters….  I am so inspired to work on Spring designs,  even on this wintry December day!

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