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Spring Photoshoot at Lottie Da

March 29, 2010

blog pic 1

I’ve been sitting on these fabulous photos for a couple of weeks now. I thought it was finally time to share them with you!

So the story goes…..Lauryn stopped by the shop early in March and found me in my messy back work room knee deep in new fabrics and bursting with ideas for Spring dresses. I think things were still in the mock up stage at that point and I didnt even have one of these dresses made yet! We were both inspired and started talking about throwing together a quick photo shoot….. and it happened less than a week later!! Of course we started out with “BIG” ideas like finding the cheapest flight that was heading to a warm location. For about 10 minutes we had every intention of arming ourselves with dresses and camera equipment and hopping on a plane! …..and then we came back down to Earth and decided we’d just shoot it in the shop instead. That’s one of the reasons why I love working with Lauryn so much. She shares my excitement and passion for what we do! And the sky’s the limit ! It really makes things so much fun.

We shot one afternoon after Lauryn pulled one of her miracles and gathered 4 lovely little girls together at the very last minute (friends & clients of hers). They showed up ready and willing to be dressed for Spring!

So here are the results!

blog pic 2

This is the new retro play dress design. I call it the Parade dress. For these 2 versions I chose a retro color palette and vintage inspired prints that put me in mind of tablecloths at a summer picnic in 1954.


blog 2


This is the Party Dress. The silhouette also has a 50’s influence with the full skirt and the “Audrey” boat neckline. The prints I chose put a bit of a modern twist on it and they feature beautiful birds , and elegant chandelier motifs.

The dresses in the photos are now available in the store as well as on my newly launched Etsy site lottiedababy.



Thank you to Lauryn, Kelly, Jennifer & Beth for making this last minute photo shoot such a success. And a very special thank you to our adorable models. You did such a wonderful job!

Check out more of LaurynByrdy Photography here.

083 - Copy

We are planning on doing this again for Summer (early May??). Have a darling baby girl or boy that you’d like to have photographed in Lottie Da duds? Make sure you are a LottieDaBaby fan on Facebook. We will be announcing details later this month on how your child could become a Lottie Da model!!

Some of you actually stopped in the store while this was going on and witnessed the model mayhem! We really had a lot of fun that afternoon and I hope you all enjoy these pictures as much as I do.

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