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Nook Nook Handmade Patchwork Critters!

March 29, 2011

“HANDMADE is more than touching something with hands, it is TOUCHING something with IMAGINATION, creating objects that radiate UNIQUENESS and embrace INDIVIDUALITY.”

We invite you to join in the fun with our new whimsical collection, “Nook-Nook” which means “Lot’s of Fun” in Thai.  These patchwork dolls are made with much care and love in a family run work-shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

A portion of Nook-Nook sales is dedicated to the Mae Ping Elephant Village, maintained by the Nook Nook factory in Thailand.  Over the years, as more logging has been banned to conserve the Thai Forest, many elephants and their manouts (handlers) have been put out of work.

The Elephant Village gives useful employment to more than 60 elephants and Manouts, arranging for them to humanely perform and offer rides to visitors and tourists.  The Village also gives employment to about 150 families living nearby who grow bananas, sugar cane and bamboo—as nourishment for the elephants.

Nook Nook is proud to be part of this effort to provide a safe haven for these wonderful animals.

New at Lottie Da!  You can purchase them here:

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