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About the Owner

Hi! I’m Amy and Lottie Da has been a dream in the making!  After over 10 years in the design and fashion world, I was bursting with ideas for a store concept that gave me the freedom to create beautifully designed and handcrafted items for children. Inspired by my beautiful daughter Charlotte and with the support of my loving husband Adam, I decided to create my own opportunity and make my dream a reality!  The Lottie Da concept is aimed at parents like myself who appreciate good design and have a sense of style that didn’t end once they conceived!   I wanted to provide a unique shopping experience with my boutique,  a place to come where you can find exclusive, one of a kind items that are functional as well as fashionable.

The store has a fun, whimsical vibe.  Upon entering, you will see tons of bright colors and patterns.   Scattered throughout the store you will find adorable toys, bedding, gear & accessories in some of my favorite themes. There are retro rockets and robots, cute woodland critters, &  elegant birds and birdcages just to name a few.   The products are always being updated and the merchandise is always changing.  I put my background in design and product development to good use by creating my own line of designs that are excusive to my store.    These products range from bedding, to diaper bags, to clothing.   The Lottie Da label sits alongside some great products I have found from other independent designers from across the country.

Head towards the back of the store and you will see my mini- makeshift design studio.  This is where I keep my fabric stash!  I LOVE PRINTS!  Sometimes they are organized neatly and sometimes in messy piles!  I encourage my customers to look through the fabrics for inspiration.   I offer the option of custom designed bedding, diaper bags, accessories and some clothing.   The idea was to create a retail environment where customers have the opportunity to put together a unique look that matches their own personal style or their child’s own individual personality.     This is the part I love the best!  I hope you will stop in soon and see for yourself what Lottie Da is all about.  I look forward to  meeting you and your family!


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